Basket Style Biothane Muzzle with Open Nose plus Forehead strap - Choose your Colors - Level one

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Custom handmade Biothane Muzzle. We take custom measurements that you have taken and turn them into a perfectly fitting basket muzzle for your dog. Made from ½” Biothane rubber webbing, strong rivets and a metal buckle that won't break from rough play.

BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It is a  polyester webbing with a PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean.

Lots of room for panting on hot days, ability to drink water with it on and receive treats. Adjustable in two spots for a nice fit. Comes with either silver or gold (brass) hardware. Some models have a forehead strap which is removable.

*Pick your own color combo, or choose from our selection of color combinations in the chart!

Sizing is as follows. Based on your dog's size, for example a Mini Pin would be Small, a German Shepard would be large, A Border collie/Heeler would be Medium, Beagle would be medium, Great Dane and Mastiff would be extra large.

Color options are shown above in images. You can add as many colors as you’d like.

All hardware has a lifetime warranty. If by chance something breaks, we will fix it at no charge.

If you have anything special in mind or have any questions please ask!

Processing times. Once the order has been placed please allow 3-5 weeks for the item to be made and ready for shipment. Also refer to the shipping times during checkout for more up to date times.

Shipping times vary due to customs, or certain events that may delay postage once shipped.

USA: 2-6 business days

Canada: 6-10 business days

International: 9-18 business days (this can vary depending location)


All custom items are not subject for returns. We do offer free adjustments in the odd case where measurements were mistakenly made. Cancelations are allowed within 24 hours of purchase.