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Have a question? Here are some answers.
What level of muzzle is right for my dog?
We currently offer three levels of muzzles to suit your pets different needs.
Level 1- This is for dogs who don't have any aggression. Suitable for training and transit where its required. Great for dogs who need that little bit of protection due to anxiety. This will work for dogs 12lbs and under who are a bite risk.
Level 2- This one is good for small and medium sized dogs who are at risk for biting. Will also work for large sized dogs who like to nip but not bite. Great for small and medium sized dogs who are scavengers. Suitable for training and transit where its required.
Level 3- This is great for large and extra large sized dogs who are a bite/nip risk, Leather version only, Biothane versions are to flexible for the larger breeds with a bite risk but medium sized dogs is ok. Suitable for all sizes who like to scavenge.
Open nose- The open nose is a preference choice, it does not hinder the muzzles ability to do its intended job.
How do I measure my dog for a custom muzzle?
Follow the measurement guide that is featured in each muzzle listing.
Note: When measuring snout length, ensure your tape is not too close to the eyes, but where the snout starts.
*If you are concerned about your measurements, please feel free to contact us in the customer service chat.
How long will it take to receive my order?
Current processing times are posted on the top of our websites home page. Our goal is to ship orders out earlier than times posted.
Rush Orders:
If you need your muzzle more quickly than our current processing times, there are two options to choose from in the shipping option section when checking out.
Treat hole and Quick release buckle
You can request both a treat hole and a quick release buckle for your muzzle. Simply request it alongside your measurements. The treat hole is typically a one inch open square in the middle front of the muzzle, depending on the size of the muzzle it could be a little smaller or a little bigger.
Leather vs Biothane
We offer two different materials for our muzzles.
One is high quality vegetable tanned leather that we dye using eco friendly dyes to ensure its safe for your dog in the off chance they chew it up. Leather is more stiff than Biothane making it the better choice for larger breed with a bite risk. Just like our human skin, leather will darken over time due to sun exposure. We suggest using a leather balm once every week or two to help protect the longevity of the materials. Leather muzzles are not suitable for wear in water.
Biothane is a polyurethane coated webbing with the look and feel of leather. Its very durable, the colors wont fade or darken over time either. This material is more flexible than leather so for larger breeds with a bite risk it is not recommended. Suitable for everything else even medium to small bite risks.