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Our Muzzle guide to help you figure out which style will best suit you and your dogs needs and how to measure for that custom fit!

Pup Spotlight

Hey there, I am Duchess the Deaf Unicorn! I am a 3 year old Wolfhound x Dalmatian who was rescued from a neglect/abuse situation 2 years ago. I live in Brisbane, Australia with my two mums and my rescue husky brother, Diego.

When I was first adopted I was a bit skittish around other dogs. As a deaf dog, I struggled when another dog touched my if I was asleep or eating, because I couldn’t hear them coming. My brother had to quickly learn to give me a wide berth when I was sleeping/eating, because I had a bit of a ‘snap first, check who it was later’ mentality. Fortunately, once I settled in and got used to having another dog in my space I stopped this behaviour.

Due to my deafness my pawrents had to put some extensive training into my recall and manners, but if there is something more interesting I will always pretend that I can’t see their hand signals. My husky brother, Diego, used to be dog reactive, so he was muzzled trained initially. However, my mums realised the benefits of muzzle training and decided to train me up just in case. That way if there is ever an emergency, or I am injured, I will be happy wearing a muzzle and there will be one less thing to stress about.

Needless to say, when my mum saw Khaos Kollars’ rainbow muzzle, she decided that we NEEDED it and it matches my rainbow mohawk perfectly

Fun facts about me:

- Carrots are one of my all time favourite treats, I pretty much inhale them whole

- I can jump over 6ft into the air from a stationary position

- Instead of barking like a normal dog I quack like a duck (because I am deaf)

- I play VERY loudly because I cannot hear myself, which leaves some other dog owners worried that I am vicious, but really I just LOVE being chased and doing zoomies

- Only some pigeons are suspicious. 99% of the time I am unbothered by birds, but every now and again a pigeon or bin chicken will do something shady and then I will lose my mind. Mum loves when this happens in public, especially because my quacking makes it sound like I am being tortured and everyone looks at her like she is murdering me.

About Khaos Kollars

My name is Brent, the creator and owner of Khaos Kollars. Over the last few years, I have been designing and crafting custom, unique pet gear to suit individual needs. We pride ourselves on constructing high quality, affordable products in many varieties. Aside from delivering quality items, our company strives for excellence in customer service and relationships with our clients. 

Our Policies

While all of our products are made using custom measurements, we understand that it can be difficult to gather accurate measurements for some dogs. Although we do not accept returns, it is important to our company that all of our customers feel satisfied with their products, and we always work with our clients in ensuring proper fits, and are happy to make adjustments. If you have any questions regarding our products or measuring process please reach out to us, and we will be happy to guide you in the right direction. Muzzles that do not have a proper fit and need alterations will be subject to a 40$ alteration fee. Measurements must be used from our measurement guide.